Conditions for entry into the Business-Club

To join the International Business-Club «DIALOGUES»:

  • It is necessary to provide at least 3 recommendations: from the first persons of the leading companies of the Far Eastern Federal District and Asia-Pacific countries, from the First Person of the company — a member of the International Business-Club «DIALOGUES»

The entry fee is:

  • For regional companies — 300,000.00 (Three hundred thousand) rubles
  • For federal companies — 500,000.00 (Five hundred thousand) rubles

Annual participation in the meetings of the International Business-Club «DIALOGUES»
(Dialogues’ year: August 2022 — August 2023)

  • «Premium» package (participation of two representatives from the company) – annual participation in meetings is 120,000.00 rubles (one hundred and twenty thousand rubles)
  • «Business» package (participation of one representative from the company) — annual participation in meetings is 100,000.00 rubles (One hundred thousand rubles)
    It includes an annual fee, participation in all meetings (including festive and off-site meetings), placement in the booklet «International Business-Club «DIALOGUES 2022 — 2023».
    Placement format: two lanes (reversal), see annex to the contract